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Innocence, Awakening, Spirituality & Sin.
A celebration of life and its rhythyms by London photographer Chelone Wolf, including collaborative works with artists Stedhead & Shanee.

Fousion Gallery. Barcelona. 14.04.16

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THTC AW15 Campaign Shoot Video THTC_Fashion_005

Here's a behind the scenes video from our recent THTC AW15 campaign photoshoot. Enjoy!

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My Debut London Photography Exhibition & Stroke Art Fair, Munich Hello!

I've got two exciting bits of news to share.

My debut London Photography exhibition is opening this Thursday night at House of Vans, alongside the MC DRS album Launch Party. 

It's all about DRS and photo's I've shot for him over the last 3 plus years, including the album cover which was designed by the renowned artist Goldie. 

I'd love you to pop in if you can make it?

Please RSVP and I'll put you on my free guest list.

Full details & Line up here:

For my German friends, I'm also exhibiting at the world famous Stroke Art Fair in Munich 29thApril to 3rd May.

During my last exhibition in Munich my work was seen and I got invited to show work at Stroke which is one of Germany's top Art Fairs.

I will be there on the 29th if anyone would like to catch up in person.

For those who don't know about Stroke it's pretty large, with around 20,000 people expected to pass through during the week.

Exciting times for a DIY kid with a camera and a dream!

Peace & Light


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Memory Tree My memory tree is often barren in a certain light.
It stands under an overhanging rock wall that casts a long dark shadow.
Yet when the sun shines onto its boughs, it is loaded with enough fruit to fill a cart full of stories.
I cannot control the light that warms the tree, nor alter the weathered rock face that shelters it, for I am not a God of nature.
I am but a foolish, hedonistic child who has neglected to nurture and nourish my tree.
It has been by turns overfed and over-watered. Allowed to burn unsheltered in scorching summer heat waves and left to freeze,
alone, on snow covered dark white nights.
When the sun shines at the right angle, or a reflector is used to beam light onto the tree, then one or two pieces of fruit may appear.
Gorge, eat and enjoy them quickly, before they disappear.
Memories have grown, lived gloriously and then withered back to seed on those tangled branches.
Occasionally those seeds can flourish anew, if water, air, light or fire can but touch the limbs of the tree.
Then for just a brief moment, my memory leaves are once again set free, to float on the breeze for me to see.

Words & photograph: Chelone Wolf

Memory TreeMemory Tree

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73 Floors High & Rising! Standing Bow Yoga Photographed on a Dubai rooftop. I wanted to photograph a striking yoga pose, on the rooftop of a high building with a Dubai city skyline backdrop.  Here's the photograph I created with the help of two friends whilst visiting Dubai last week.

Extreme Yoga Dubai, Yogangster, Photography, Bow, High Rise, TowerExtreme Yoga DubaiA photograph of Saeeda, a Yogi balanced on a plank of wood 73 floors above the Dubai Skyline. Shot in 2015 by international photographer Chelone Wolf.

January 2015.

We gained access, but unfortunately the roof didn't look like the infinity type edge as I had imagined in my head.  Think on your feet time.

Light was fading fast, so I asked Saeeda (who some of you have seen in my photos before) if she could balance on a found plank of wood, which we rested dangerously on the white railings.

Over the far edge in front of her was a 73 story drop! The drop right next to the railing was a couple of stories down onto random metal piping and air con units. A fall could have maimed, if not killed Saeeda.  Please Do Not try this at home kids!  I'm genuinely scared of heights and it was hard enough for me just looking at her climbing onto that wobbly plank, but she held firm and pulled off this very cool Standing Bow Pose (Dandayamana Dhanurasana).

She's so brave. A true YoGangster. Bravo Saeeda!

Thanks go to Saeeda & my good friend and assistant for this shot, the talented photographer Matt Terrey.
I’d love to know what you think of this photograph?

For the year ahead I want to collaborate with yogi’s, actors, musicians, dancers, models, MUA’s, Stylists and anyone else who wants to bring some attitude or cool ideas to the table, both in my London photography studio and on shoot locations around the world.

If that’s you, please do get in touch, for the rest of you I hope you have a good year and enjoy my photos. There are many more to be created and shared!

Peace & light,




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