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Graffiti Artist, Music Producer, Label Boss, Actor, Conductor, Mentor, Husband & Father.
Goldie bears many monikers & has generously mentored my photography from the very beginning of my journey.
A highly demanding yet immensely rewarding client to work with, every project pushes my skills forward and develops my artistic vision.
Here is a small selection of our personal & public work together, there is more to come...
Goldie CastawayGoldie Journeyman Album CoverGoldieGoldie One Mix Beats 1Goldie - Dandayamana-Janushirasana - ThailandSkulptureGoldie painting SkullPinataThe Price Family Xmas Card 2012The Price Family Xmas Card 2013Goldie - Yoga Journal, GermanyGoldie - SydneyThe Alchemist The Best of Goldie 1992-2012GoldieAdore You Video Behind the Scenes